What I'm Working on WEDNESDAYS

What I’m Working on WEDNESDAYS

That heavy cardboard that comes with some of our Designer Paper is a must keep !!  I’ve been saving quite a few (ha ha, more like a truck load) and came up with this little idea.

IMG_5543 (3)

I cut the cardboard in four quarters giving me 4 pieces.  It is a little hard to cut since it is so thick.  I covered both sides with Designer Paper then sponged corresponding colors around the edges to give it a nice finish.

The white paper is plain photocopy paper.  I stamped the first sheet with images from Colorful Season.  All the other sheets were stamped with Just a Note from Home to Roost.  A Gold Library Clip was used to attached about 30 sheets.  It’s about all it can hold.  A small pen was added as a feature selling point. By the way, the color of the pen is the color of the ink. I’m selling these starting this Saturday at the Spruce Grove Farmers Market from 9:30 to 1:30PM.   Located at 120 Railway Avenue.  I’ve also been working on some Easter projects that I will feature next week.

Until Next Time !!

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