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Cling Mount Stamps Versus Clear Mount

Stampin’ Up announced this past fall that they would no longer produce wood mounted stamps.  I thought “now what…”  as wood as always been my favorite.

I’ve never been a fan of clear mount stamps.  When they first came out I was thrilled that they would require less space.  After purchasing close to 100 sets I discovered that they began to curl and would not hold well on a block.  And embossing with them is practically non-existent as they stick in the Versamark pad and come off the block.  Sure there has been plenty of tips and tricks on what to do to make them stick better.  I’m obsessively opposed to the difficult.

The introduction of Cling Mount Stamps has made a big impact on how I feel about “mount” stamps – meaning adding them to a block when you want to stamp a particular image.  I love how they stay on the block and the crisp image they provide.  Storing them however can  be a little tricky since they stick so well.

Once I’ve put a stamp set together I trim the page the images come on to fit into the case and tape it down into the case.  Then I put the images back into their spot much like puzzle pieces.

cling mount

This makes the stamp easy to remove when I want to use it and an added bonus is that I know instantly when and if one is missing.  Should you leave a stamp on the block for quite some time it could be hard to remove it.  Make sure you pull from the bottom (the clingy part) and not the red rubber.  Use the palette from the Take Your Pick tool if you have a problem remove it.  This would make it so much easier especially if you don’t have nails.


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